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The latest publications to keep up to date on the activities we carry out and our projects. Depending on how the economic stimulus funds are used, the crisis triggered by COVID could accelerate decarbonization or halt it.

We are increasing the amount of organic and renewable raw materals in the production of biofuels at our Venice and Gela biorefineries. Biorefineries produce advanced biofuels from vegetable oil, agricultural waste and other organic raw materials.

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Go to myeni. Press release Press release. Press release. News News. ENI TV. Project Waste to Fuel. Stories A strategy focused on circularity. This website uses cookies This website uses cookies to show you adverts and offer you services customised according to the preferences you have shown while browsing online. Accept Reject. Confirmation of Understanding and Acceptance of Disclaimer These materials are for informational purposes only and are not directed to, nor are they intended for, access by persons located or resident in the United States, Australia, Canada, Japan or South Africa or any of the Other Countries.A safety data sheet, or SDS, is a standardized document that contains occupational safety and health data.

SDS's typically contain chemical properties, health and environmental hazards, protective measures, as well as safety precautions for storing, handling, and transporting chemicals. GHS is a set of international guidelines that were developed by the United Nations. These guidelines were created to ensure the safe manufacturing, handling, use, disposal, and transport of hazardous materials.

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The GHS system is used to:. Safety data sheets have sixteen sections. The early sections, one through eight, focus on quick access to essential information that might be required by chemical handlers for safe handling practices or by emergency response personnel. Sections nine through eleven contain technical and scientific data, e. Sections twelve through fifteen are not mandatory; however, they are required to be fully GHS compliant.

The last section, section sixteen, contains information about the SDS itself, e. Employers must ensure that employees have access to safety data sheets for all of the hazardous chemicals they handle. Employers may fulfill this requirement in a variety of ways. If the employer does not have an SDS for one of these chemicals they should contact the manufacturer to obtain the current version of the SDS for that chemical.

In this sense, the online SDS databases have a clear advantage over binder-based systems since the database vendor usually takes care of indexing and updating the safety data sheets. Enter the chemical name in the Substance field and click on the Submit button. A list of matching results from one or more manufacturers will be returned if the chemical is found in the database.

You can then click on the desired result and a summary page will open.

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GHS labels and safety data sheets can be printed or downloaded. Click on the View SDS button at the bottom right of the summary page to open the safety data sheet. More advanced searches can be performed by populating multiple fields with data.

For example, enter the chemical name in the Substance field and enter the manufacturer name in the Manufacturer field. This will return fewer, but more precise results. Also, the Search Type can be manipulated using the "begins with" and "contains" drop-down selections. This will return only pure chemicals and not mixtures that contain that CAS number.

There are no restrictions on the number of searches performed. Educational and not-for-profit institutions may embed Chemical Safety's SDS search on their own websites see instructions below.

Inserting a direct link to Chemical Safety's SDS search page is the easiest solution and requires minimal effort. For convenience, the link will open in a new browser tab.

You can add the Chemical Safety search form and results panel in any location on your web page, by:. You can optionally add any styling you require:. Note: if you omit this step, the embedded content will be added at the end of the page, extending to the whole page width. In the above code snippet you can set the width and height to match your website design.

This solution is easier to implement but is not so customizable as the previous one. Safety Data Sheet Search. SDS Overview. What is a Safety Data Sheet? The GHS system is used to: Classify chemical data and hazard criteria.

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Safety Data Sheets (SDSs)

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I vaccini sono disponibili anche i medici e i pediatri di famiglia. E' possibile cliccare sul seguente link per scaricare la modulistica e le informazioni necessarie.

La domenica anche dalle ore Si informa che dal 21 aprile sono aperte le iscrizioni per le vacanze anziani e adulti disabili. Servizi Educativi zero-sei anni. Incontri di partecipazione e formazione per genitori e insegnanti della zona pistoiese.


Programma Penn Reggimento labrax g 2,10m acqua salata stadia materie tessili stadia spigola stadia KVA I bandi sono suddivisi a seconda che siano indirizzati a soggetti privati o che la fonte sia di tipo statale, regionale, provinciale o comunitaria. Mustad Ct Baiter Gancio Privacy - Note legali - Cookie Policy.To obtain SDS, get them from the manufacturer. If that is not feasible, contact John Silka at SDS are normally available through the online database.

The SDS can be read to you or faxed to a location of your choosing.

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Furthermore, you may not expect your staff to access SDS through their personal smart phones. All employees must be trained on how to read, understand, and access Safety Data Sheets. If the lab employs both a primary means of SDS access and a back-up secondary means of access, both methods should be covered during training. Training must be documented for each employee through the completion of one of the courses listed below.

Skip to main content. The University of Iowa Search. An SDS formerly known as MSDS includes information such as the properties of each chemical; the physical, health, and environmental health hazards; protective measures; and safety precautions for handling, storing, and transporting the chemical. Laboratories, facilities or shops that use chemicals must obtain an SDS that is specific to each chemical used in the workplace. How do you obtain an SDS? They may be sent with the chemical order paper copy or e-mail attachment.

SDSs can be stored electronically or as paper copies. SDSs must be stored in a location that all staff can access during work hours not behind a locked door or on a password-protected device to which they do not have the password. SDSs must be stored in the work area not far away or in another building. If electronic copies are used, SDSs must still be available if the area loses electricity or internet access.

Back-up options include: A laptop with PDFs or any electronic file type on the local hard drive. A computer with PDFs on the local hard drive that is hooked up to a battery back-up or plugged into an outlet on a back-up generator red outlets. Training All employees must be trained on how to read, understand, and access Safety Data Sheets.

To finish your training requirement, you must also know specific information unique to your own work area. Use the Site-Specific Training checklist located within the course content to review site-specific training items with your supervisor or designated work area trainer. Audience: Persons who work with chemicals in research labs. It provides information about handling hazardous chemicals in the workplace.

Audience: Personnel using chemicals in areas other than labs.